AMAZING Creatures

This world is really amazing. looking at your surrounding, you will find something that will amaze you.For the next one week,  I will be exploring some of the creatures with amazing features, mostly in a hilarious way. just enjoy yourself.

 Female hyena reproductive organs

Penises are the common features of most male animals. What happens when a female develops penis? Female hyena has a penis-like reproductive organ, referred to as pseudo-penis by scientists. In fact, there has been a long held belief that all hyenas are male. Wonder why the female hyena have penis-like reproductive organs? Here is an explanation to aid you to understand; female hyena infuses a lot of androgen to its young ones, to make them aggressive. This infusion of androgen causes her body develop secondary male characteristics. Her clitoris protrudes outwards, producing a penis-like structure. This penis-like structure is used for all reproduction purposes. Having sex in this creatures is a problem. Imagine fitting a penis into a penis. For successful mating, Male hyenas are required to do a lot of practice, lasting for months in order to successfully have sex with the females. If you thought that mating is the only problem, then you are wrong. Giving birth is a much more challenging activity. Imagine giving birth via a penis. The reproductive systems of hyenas, especially the female hyena, will make us appreciate our reproductive system more.



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