Spider’s brain

Spider is one of the most amazing creatures. What do you think is the most amazing fact about spiders? well, the size and locations of its Brain are the most amazing fact to me. Some small spiders have been found to have their brains spread to all parts of their bodies. More than 80% of all the spaces in spiders are filled with brains.

Spiders are smart creatures that can trap even larger animals such as birds. These spiders have small heads, and as expected, the cavities in these heads are small and cannot accommodate all the brains. Therefore, some of it are spread to other cavities in other parts of the body.  This unique anatomy of these small spiders has made them a valuable tool for neurobiologists.

Looking at their soft bodies, one wonders how these creatures survive in the rough surrounding they live. Anything that pierces its body is likely to cause brain leakage. Therefore, next time avoid stepping on spiders because you will cause brain leakage.

Source https://braindecoder.com/post/spider-brain-great-mystery-in-a-tiny-head-1094514994


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