clown Fish sex

clown fishHave you ever thought of having the ability to change sex, let say from male to female, naturally? People suffering from transgender issues wish that they had such ability. Crown fish have the ability to change from male to female. For those who don’t know clown fish, they are beautiful fish type, found in salt water. These group of fish is led by a dominant female, which the largest and the most aggressive. When the dominant female dies, the dominant male which is also the largest, changes its organs and become dominant female. The largest of the remaining male, will become the dominant male. Reproduction in this type of fish is through external fertilization and is carried out by both the dominant female and dominant male. It is also important to note that all the young ones in this group of fish are males. Since one female and one male are dominant, the other group remains submissive. Life really sucks for the submissive males.



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